The main products selected to offer autonomous and flexible mobile assisted learning are:

  • more than 120 REACH Mobile Learning Units to empower young learners in these sectors by improving their workplace related basic and customer care skills.

What device do I need to use the REACH application?


You will need either an Android or an iOS device. (Compatible Android devices: Version 2.2 (Froyo) or greater. Compatible iOS devices: iOS v.4.3 and above:iPhone 3S and above; iPad 1 and above; iPod touch 4th generation and above.)

How do I get the REACH application? Read more here.

Access via the platforms as follows:

App stores
Link or: market://details?id=com.tribal.reach
Or you can scan the QR code with your device:

Search iTunes for ‘Tribal REACH
Or scan the QR code with your device:

How to download a module? Press the black icon on Android or the grey icon on iOS next to the module name to download it to your device.
How to add a Favourite Module? To add a module to your favourites list, press on the star next to the module. This will then be added to your ‘Favourites’ page. To delete a favourite, just tap the star again.
How to sort modules?

Android: from the module menu press the three vertical squares or the menu button on your device and select ‘Sort’. You can then choose to sort the modules from A-Z or Z-A.

iOS: from the modules’ menu press on the ‘sort icon’ on the top right hand corner. You can sort by ‘Ascending’ or ‘Descending’. Press ‘Done’ once selected or ‘Cancel’ to go back to menu.

If you have selected the ’On Device’ filter and press the ‘sort icon’, a pop up appears and you have the option to sort and edit modules.

How to delete a module(s)? You can only select and delete the modules that are downloaded to your device. When you select ‘Delete’ you are only removing them from your device not from the modules’ catalogue. You can download them from the catalogue again at any time.
How to change language?

Once the REACH application is installed the default language of the device is pre-selected. The navigation of the application will change. The module content will remain in the language it is written in.

Android: Press the menu button on your device of the three vertical squares; select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Language settings’. Choose the language you prefer.

iOS: Press the Menu button from the home page and select Language. Choose the language of your preference.


  • REACH Didactic Guidelines for teachers/trainers and education managers in VET showing how these new approaches, contents and tools can be implemented in daily learning/ teaching practice and which competences can be improved using them.


  • REACH Implementation & Exploitation Concept to show models and structures for sustainability for REACH results in Norway, Italy, Spain and Turkey. (The product will be available late 2013)

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